Published On: October 31, 2021

12 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Woah! I feel the story is about to get crazy. Can’t wait to learn what this horrible thing is lol

  2. Didn’t Butch’s grandpappy have a room full of Vietnam War M60 machine guns and grenades and shit? Maybe Butch will pay him a visit to see if he can borrow some more tried and true g00k blasters?

  3. I thought you might be doing that annoying thing where the contents of the case is never revealed. Really glad you didn’t. The reveal genuinely surprised me and I’m excited to see what this is all about…

    1. I was debating leaving you hanging… but then reveal the content first thing next chapter. But decided against this. One thing that’simportant to me with this project is that it keeps moving and remains satisfying.

  4. you got a new fan! love this!

  5. Awesome stuff, excited to see more. With the last chapter included, you’re doing a great job of slowly rolling out the rules of the world. That’s always been my favorite part of comic storytelling.

  6. Whoa!!! I was not expecting Lady Alchemy’s baby to be in the case!!!

    This comic is ⚡️uper ⚡️weet! I wouldn’t expect any less from the great ⚡️ven ⚡️toffles!

  7. When is Butch gonna fight Superspreader?

  8. simply epic

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